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COVID-19 Task Force

About Us

On April 5, 2020 the Marin Healthcare District Board of Directors declared a state of emergency in the district and voted to commit funds for use during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the health and wellness of our community.

The Board established a COVID-19 Task Force to assess the community’s most immediate needs and make funding recommendations throughout the year.

Meet the Task Force

Eric Brettner Brian Su, MD
Director, Marin Healthcare District Board
Medical Director - Spine Surgery, MarinHealth Medical Center

Ramana Naidu Ramana Naidu, MD
Medical Director - Pain Management
MarinHealth Medical Center

Jason Ruben Jason Ruben, MD
Medical Director - Emergency Services
MarinHealth Medical Center
Greg Tolliver Gregg Tolliver, MD, MPH
Medical Director - Infectious Disease & Prior Chief of Staff
MarinHealth Medical Center

Matt Willis Matt Willis, MD, MPH
Public Health Officer
Marin County
David G. Klein David G. Klein, MD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Marin Healthcare District


Possible Funding Opportunities

  • Portable pulse oximetry kits that measure oxygen saturation in the blood of patients who have been identified as COVID-19 positive would help guide whether transfer of those patients to a hospital is needed. These kits would also include a digital thermometer, personal protective equipment (PPE), and disinfectant. People who are have tested positive should otherwise remain self-quarantined. The county potentially would need potentially 10,000 kits.
  • Mobile testing centers to test all residents and staff members of the 10 skilled nursing facilities, 50 residential care facilities for the elderly, and 2 two behavioral health facilities in Marin. A mobile testing center consists of a van staffed by one physician, three physician extenders, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, testing materials, and PPE. Regular repeated testing may be needed for up to a year at these facilities.
  • Population antibody testing, when a reliable method is established, to help quantify the regional prevalence of COVID-19 exposure in the community.
  • Pop-up testing centers for areas of outbreak, including underserved communities like Marin City and the San Rafael’s Canal area, and the homeless.
  • Housing for COVID-19 positive patients in hotels, dormitories, etc. or other facilities when it is not possible for those patients to self-isolate /or self-quarantine because of their social or living situation.
  • PPE and staffing personnel for skilled nursing or residential care facilities if there is an outbreak and subsequent staffing shortage. On-call nursing and other workers will be needed. 
  • Contact tracing training to quickly find and reach prior contacts of a patient found to be COVID-positive within 24 hours is needed by the county public health department who needs at least 50 volunteers including 10 Spanish speakers, along with full-time nurse supervision.

The Marin Healthcare District will be tracking costs for staffing, supplies, and equipment for all COVID-related services and will try to recoup these costs thorough FEMA. 

This page will continue to be updated throughout the year as decisions are made and/or circumstances change.