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United Healthcare FAQs

United Healthcare Update

Q: What does this mean for United Healthcare patients?
A: The exact effect on United patients depends on the specific type of insurance policy. For example, Medicare Supplement insurance should not be affected at all because Marin General remains a participating Medicare provider, and PPO patients have the option of deciding to continue to receive care at Marin General. Emergency services are not affected by United’s action and patient’s currently receiving care, including expectant mothers, are entitled to continue their care at Marin General as long as they furnish notice to United in accordance with the Certificate of Coverage.

Physician services are not affected, as those contracts are not part of this negotiation, although United has sent letters to some physicians notifying them that United might choose to unilaterally terminate their contracts.

Marin General is committed to minimizing the impact of this action by United on our patients, and we will provide advice on your specific situation by calling our Patient Services department at 415-925-7070.

Q: I am currently receiving inpatient and/or outpatient services at Marin General Hospital, can I continue?
A: Yes, you can continue to receive services during the “continuation” phase, which entitles current patients, including expectant mothers, to continue their care at Marin General.  The “continuation” phase applies when these services were started or authorized before the termination date, if Marin General is no longer in the United Healthcare network by January 1, 2014. There should not be an adjustment to your portion of any hospital bill for services received during the “continuation” phase as long as you provide notice to United in accordance with the Certificate of Coverage.  In many cases it is your right to receive this continuation care at Marin General Hospital but your insurance plan dictates the rules for how this works.  We will assist you in whatever way we can to help you receive the care that is appropriate for you.
Q:  I am scheduled to have surgery or other services provided by Marin General Hospital. What does the United contract termination mean regarding my access to move forward as a Marin General patient?

United PPO, or POS patients needing care at Marin General Hospital have the ability to continue to access Hospital services and our other facilities through their “out of network” benefits. The Hospital has policies in place that allow us to work with each United patient on a case by case basis to make the process as seamless as possible, including making financial accommodations for patients.

For HMO patients the rules are much stricter and where hospital care is received is subject to where the care was authorized by the medical group or health plan directly.  There are a number of other HMO’s that contract with Marin General and if you call the number above, we will provide advice on your specific situation.

Q: I’m a United health plan member and need information on the hospital’s financial policy, who can I call for more information?
A: Please call the Hospital at 415-925-7070 to receive further information regarding our financial policy and/or connect you with the right person to address your questions.
Q: What can I do to receive my future care at Marin General Hospital if I have an HMO?
A: We encourage our patients to talk with their employer about the situation. Ask your employer if there are any other alternatives available to you for receiving your health benefits.